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Top 5 Things to do In NYC as a Student

New York is an expensive city and it can be hard to get by with the necessities on a student budget, much less have fun. But there are plenty of things to do that do not cost a fortune and they are often more fun than any of the tourist attractions. So if you found a few extra bucks under the couch cushions, then here’s the five places that you should consider spending it.

student vacation


College Hobby Idea: Archery

Looking for a new hobby to pick up while studying at a university? Why not join an archery club? A lot of universities nowadays have archery clubs and oftentimes they are also equipped with sets of bows and arrows that you can rent or you can do some research and buy your own set. You can aim to become an Olympian and just practice it as a daily hobby. Archery is open to everyone and students can gain a lot from this interesting hobby. Below are some of the reasons why archery is such a cool hobby to learn. 

  • You can start at any age and learn the basics very quickly. As you get older you can keep practicing archery and keep developing your skills – there is no age limit to archery.
  • You do not have to worry about the weather. Some sports require specific weather to be enjoyed, such as snowboarding, but with archery you can do it all year round. If it is winter season, you can try archery outside if you want to be adventurous, or indoors if it is too cold for you. Shooting targets can be as far as twenty yards. Outdoor archery takes place during spring and summer seasons, where competitions can get as far as twenty to seventy meters far, depending on the type of equipment used.
  • Wherever you go, you can find tournaments specializing in archery, if you are the competitive type. There are small competitions that are not competitive enough but still considered to be a fun way to test your skills. Of course there are also higher level inter-college tournaments where you can represent your university.
  • If you only wish to learn archery for fun and do not want to compete, that is okay, too. You can learn archery to your own pace, if you want. You can also practice it on your own. It is good practice for people who feel uncomfortable for being scored of their current skill, so they can take time to get the basics covered and then join a team.
  • When they say that anyone can compete, it also includes people with disabilities. There are a many examples of people without hands who use their feet to learn archery and they excel at it. Anyone can train for the Paralympic and Olympic sport team. It will take hundreds of arrows to reach certain levels plus natural talent and dedication, but same holds true for any activity.
  • If you are a spiritual type that wants to improve their well-being, try practicing Kyudo, which is a form of meditative archery originating from Japan. You certainly can try and find a special dojo near your college and join it. Dojos are often established by those who wish to practice Kyudo, even if they are not in Japan. 

As you can see there are plenty of good reasons why joining your college’s archery club can be a good idea. Even if there is none in your college, you can start one. All you need to do is find a suitable beginners bow sets (read about them in dedicated archery sites like this one), some arrows and targets and you are good to go.

How to Dress for Success After College

Something that might be overlooked but needs to be addressed is your visual appearance.  Most people will size you up in a matter of seconds based off of body language, your clothing, and personal grooming/hygiene.  It might seem superficial to some but should not be overlooked   I know that dressing for success means different things to different people and that the fashion scene is changing constantly.  Here is a list that I have put together for people that are looking to either get promoted in the office place or going on their first date.

The First Impression is One of the Most Important

You never know who you will run into and where you will do it at.  If you are presenting to an audience or searching for a job, you will have some time to prepare for the upcoming event, but what if you ran into a potential business partner while in the grocery store?  Will that person take you seriously if you are wearing flip flops and a tank top?  They still might, but it will take a lot more convincing.  Here are some guidelines to follow for many occasions and circumstances.

It’s not the designer clothing, but how you wear it:

You can buy the best clothing on the market, but to pull off the look you will need to press your clothing or take it to the dry cleaners.  Wearing fitted pants always helps and having polished shoes that stand out makes all the difference in the world.  It may seem like a lot to ask, but you should tuck in that shirt and make sure the buttons line up.  The details will always show and having everything in order before you walk out the door is important.

Raise the bar one step higher:

It is always important to know what your future prospects or employers are wearing.  If they have sport coats on but no tie then you should add a tie to your outfit.  You never want to overdress for the occasion or come off as arrogant, but you want to make them aware that you pay attention to the details.

Grooming is more important than your style:

In no way am I saying that you can wear an old t-shirt and pull off getting hired at an interview.  What I am saying is that if you have a great outfit on and have bad breath, unkempt fingernails, or need help with men’s grooming (or women)  it will show.  Take the extra five minutes in the morning and work on the finer details.

Maintaining good body posture

Even I catch myself slumping down in the chair from time to time but as soon as I am conscious I correct my position.  Walking with a purpose will show others that you are a leader and projects confidence.  You shouldn’t overdue the body language at the same time and finding a healthy balance is key.  Over time you will learn better habits and also have more energy.

Conclusion of Dressing for Success

If you are on a budget and can only afford a couple nice outfits, then start there.  Wearing clothing that looks sharp will always help boost your confidence and help you on your path to your goals.  If you are single and trying to land a date, following the advice above is crucial to attracting a partner.  What do you want to say about yourself that is projected to others?

Video on dressing for success: