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Top 5 Things to do In NYC as a Student

New York is an expensive city and it can be hard to get by with the necessities on a student budget, much less have fun. But there are plenty of things to do that do not cost a fortune and they are often more fun than any of the tourist attractions. So if you found a few extra bucks under the couch cushions, then here’s the five places that you should consider spending it.

student vacation


A Short Guide to Ant Farms

Ants are among the most interesting of insects and one way to learn more about them is by building an ant farm. This project can be bought in toy stores or hobby stores. The price ranges from $4.00 to $20.00. There are kits that use a gel instead of sand or dirt. The gel gives the ants the nutrients they need, so feeding is not necessary. However, you can build your own and in doing so, you will learn how ants run their colony. Here are the easy steps:

1. You will need one large jar, and one unopened can of soda. A small glass may be used, instead of the can. You will also need a rubber band and a square of nylon from old pantyhose. This will let the air in and keep the ants inside your jar.

2. Place the small glass or soda can inside the clean glass jar- try to place it in the center.

3. Fill the jar with potting soil or soil from your garden. It should be loose, not compacted.

4. Add a moist cotton ball, for moisture. Ants get most of their water from their food but this gives them a bit more. You can include a few small twigs, leaves, small pebbles for a more realistic habitat.

5. Next, you may add your ants. If you buy them, they will most likely be Harvester Ants. These ants enjoy seeds for food. Did you know that if there is too much moisture below ground where they stash their seeds, these intelligent insects will bring them above ground and spread them out to dry! This prevents mold and also the germination of the seeds. They can defend themselves with a bite and a sting, so be careful when handling them. If you find them in your yard, they most likely will not have a queen, and the colony will die out in a month or two. Do not buy or use carpenter ants. They can damage your home and are difficult to get rid of (via

6. Once the ants are in their new home, cover the jar with the nylon swatch and wrap the rubber band tightly around the jar, so they will not escape. Since ants are accustomed to darkness underground, wrapping the jar with black construction paper when they are not being observed is a good idea. The best and most humane idea is to enjoy observing them for a few weeks and then release them back into the wild.
There are many ways to customize your ant farm. Before adding the ants, you might sew some grass seed and water it. Once the grass begins to grow, it will provide a much more natural foraging area. Then you can add your ants. Packets of seeds and dried foods for your ants may be purchased. Because they enjoy sweets, a drop of honey, sugar or a piece of hard candy may be added. Remember to keep the tidbits small and remove them before they mold or rot.

The complete metamorphosis of an ant usually takes six to eight weeks. They begin as an egg, then a larvae, and finally a young adult ant. There are nearly 9,000 different species of ants and they are found everywhere except Iceland and Greenland. There are 500 species in North America, alone! Build your ant farm and learn how creatures so small can be so incredible. Science project, anyone?

How acne can improve your grades at school

Being a young student can be difficult. There’s so much pressure on you, including peer pressure, expectations from your parents, family and teachers, and then your own dreams and aspirations. Sadly, most of the time, all of these conflict. In this post, I’m not going to try to teach you a new method to help with your studies, but I’ll show you a way to apply your daily struggles to your studies.

Many teenagers struggle with bad acne, and my guess is that you either are or have struggled with bad skin at some point in your life. Acne can be difficult, seeing that it’s already awkward enough to be a teenager. Socially, having bad skin can be a nightmare. I remember having pimples when I was a teenager, and refused to even leave the house. I intentionally skipped classes because I was so embarrassed about my bad skin condition. I constantly thought people would laugh at me, and I become a little bit of a social recluse. I don’t want that to happen to you, and I’ll show you some of the ways I was able to get rid of my spots fairly easily and quickly; and how you can apply what you learn in this post to your studies.

Take biology classes for example; you learn a bunch of facts which you might never learn. But how about trying to apply what you learn in biology classes to your own life. That’s really the best way to learn. Open your biology books and start trying to apply what you’re learning to your personal problems, such as a bad case of spots.

Not only will you learn the material in the curriculum much easier and faster, you’re more likely to learn something useful for a change at school. For example, I found this blog which talks about the best natural remedies to cure acne. I remember learning about Aloe Vera in class. But never thought about whether it might be useful to me personally. The same thing applies to sodium carbonate. I remember doing experiments and learning about its uses, but never even considered that it might be useful to me personally. You could read through all the natural remedies for pimples, and my guess is that you’ll probably recognize quite a few of the so called magical ingredients from your studies.

While this is good news for curing your acne and clearing your skin of pimples; it is also very good news for your education. What I’m trying to convey in this post is that you need to start learning in a different way. Start applying what you learn in your subjects  to your everyday life, whether it be chemistry or Spanish. If you can find a way to do that for most of your subjects, you will find studying not only easier, but a lot more fun. Don’t just memorize useless facts, but instead learn new things because you’re interested. In my own humble opinions, this is what separates an average student and a very good student.

If you’re interested in learning more about acne, you can follow this acne cure RebelMouse page.

Make More Time for Study Through Cutting Down Your Time in the Kitchen

If you are like me and have trouble taking the time from your studies to cook properly you may be interested in a cool and common kitchen device that will allow you to prepare many of your favourite dishes in a fraction of the time that they usually take. Yes, the pressure cooker. I’ve always been irrationally intimidated by them. The few times I have heard them talked about there’s been an air of caution and complicated warnings about things that I couldn’t really understand without being shown. So I’ve shied away from them. In the past pressure cookers were prone to doing scary things like have the lid pop off under high pressure – here’s an interesting thread about it all – but nowadays it has become more difficult to have an accident as there are several levels of protection built in. That’s not to say you can be careless — it’s good to be careful with anything in the kitchen involving heat and knives.

I, myself, have an electric pressure cooker (here‘s an online guide) and I am so glad that I finally took the plunge and bought one! They do indeed save a lot of time. You can prepare all your ingredients for a stew in ten or fifteen minutes, throw them in the pressure cooker, and once the cooker is up to heat have your food ready-to-eat in just three minutes. That’s right: three, trois, tres. In a regular cooking pot you are looking at forty-five minutes to one and a half hours. Let’s walk through a sample recipe to give you a practical example. I love this dish and have it once every couple of weeks in the winter: Pressure Cooker Eggplant Ratatouille Stew – here’s the recipe.

  1. Slice and dice the ingredients – I do this using my favourite long folding knife. (ten minutes)
  2. Sauté some of the ingredients in the pressure cooker for two or three minutes (three minutes)
  3. Add remaining ingredients (one minute)
  4. Lock the lid on your cooker and let it do its thing (three minutes)
  5. Add salt and pepper to taste
  6. Serve!

So, as you can see the whole process from the start of your prep to sitting down to eat takes less than twenty minutes if your are organized and efficient. (Just writing this make me hungry!)

There you have it. There are many ways to save time given modern conveniences such as pressure cookers. Please don’t cut corners on your nutrition though. There is no need to eat packages of ramen, bags of doritos, and bricks of chocolate to fuel you through epic study sessions or paper-writing marathons. If you feed yourself well you will have a clearer mind and more energy and so the time and effort you invest in the task at hand will pay greater dividends. Fortunately with an internet connection and a half-decent device of some sort you have access to practically limitless recipes of every sort – meat and potatoes, vegetarian, vegan, and flavours from every country too. There’s no need to make boring mushy meals.

Cheap ways for students to get rid of acne

Acne is one of the most common skin issues faced by students today. Treatment for this kind of problem can often require high spending, but if lack of money is stopping you from getting cured, fret no more. Below are ways in which you can get rid of acne without spending much.

Create an Aspirin Paste

Aspirin is an over-the-counter drug that is always available in any drug store, and we often have it lying around in our medicine cabinets. Aspirin carries an anti-inflammatory property that with constant use helps reduce acne. Create a paste by mixing three parts water with one tablet of aspirin until the paste becomes quite thick. Apply the aspirin mixture onto the acne spots on your skin using a Q-tip and wait for about 30 minutes for this to harden. Once you notice the mixture start to flake-off, this will be your cue to wipe the paste off. Use a clean sheet of damp tissue or cotton cloth to do this.

Use Honey

Apart from being a delicious additive to food and drinks, honey is known to reduce and heal acne because of its natural antibiotic properties. An added bonus is that honey is sticky on the skin allowing impurities and excess dirt to be purged from the skin. The application is simple and easy. All you need to do is apply honey on the skin forming a facial mask. Leave on the skin for 10 minutes to allow the substance to penetrate. Rinse your skin with warm water and pat dry with a clean cotton towel. Do this regularly and observe the decrease of pimples on your skin in the next couple of weeks.

Steam and Clean

One cause of acne is the clogging of dirt and germs inside the skin, which need to be removed as quickly as possible. Skin steaming is a painless technique in opening the skin pores. Simply boil water in a pan and expose your skin to the steam making sure that you don’t burn yourself. Do this for 10 to 15 minutes until you feel sweat on the face. After this process, wash your face using an anti-acne soap or antibacterial soap and pat dry with a clean cotton towel.

Apply Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil contains anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties which are highly beneficial to acne problems. To apply tea tree oil, drop a little amount into a cotton ball or Q-tip and dab it onto the acne. Do this before bedtime to allow the oil to penetrate the acne overnight. Then wash your face in the morning with warm water to remove excess oil. Tea tree oil is very cheap and can be purchased in body shops, spa clinics and cosmetic sections of department stores.

As you can see, acne treatment need not be expensive. All you need to do is check your cupboards to find these ingredients. Even if you don’t have any skin problems, it is still recommended to carry out proper skin care by focusing on preventive measures.

If you do have acne problems they may not be resolved overnight. It can take days, weeks or even months to sort the problem out depending on your skin’s reaction to the method used. So be patient and hopefully you can get rid of your acne cheaply.

Work as a House Cleaner on Weekends to Support Your Study

If you don’t have enough money to support your studies, it might be a huge problem. However, it does not mean that you cannot finish your studies anymore. In fact, there are a lot of things that you can do to ensure that you will still get your degree. You can put up a small business if you have an initial capital. You can also work on a fast food chain. If you only have free time during weekends and you have lots of academic requirements, the best thing to do is to work as a house cleaner. There are lots of families that need help cleaning their home. However, they also cannot afford a full time housekeeper. Therefore, you can step in and work for them every weekends.

When you are used to cleaning your own room, this won’t be a big problem. You are just dealing with a bigger place, but the process is more or less the same. Just make sure that you listen carefully to the instructions of your boss. Take note of the items that you should not touch at all. You should also just do what is asked of you and finish them on a given time.

Cleaning Tips

The first thing that you have to give attention to is the dirt. You want to get rid of dust and dirt all over the house. You can do some sweeping and mopping to ensure that all places are covered. However, if your boss has a vacuum, then you can use it as well. It will help hasten the entire process. If the homeowner has a pet, then you might have to suggest a vacuum to remove pet hair. This is important to ensure that their kids are safe as pet hairs can be too small and cannot be seen right away. If you want to know more about the best vacuum for pet hair, check this out.

If you are asked to deal with repair, then just make sure that you have the most important tools with you. Repainting for instance might be asked of you. This could be a very big task, but there are those who wish to cut the cost and so they ask you to do it instead of a professional painter. Well, this is not really a problem. You can check out here about airless paint sprayer reviews and find out how it can make your task a lot easier.

Use Your Time and Money Wisely

Yes, it is not easy being a working student. You have to balance your academics and your job. You also have a lot of other activities in school to deal with. However, this is something that can be done. A lot of other people have been in a much worse situation, but they managed to survive. Just think about getting a degree and what will become of you should you finally get a degree. As long as you do your job well and you make the most out of your earnings, then you have nothing to worry.

How to Look Good in College Without Breaking the Bank


It is a common misconception that looking good and being fashionable means you need to be ready to shell out the big bucks when you go shopping. While this is certainly how socialites and celebrities do it, the idea does not apply to simple folks. This is especially true for college students who are working their way through college so they don’t end up buried in student loans when they graduate.

However, this does not mean that you have to settle with wearing your worn out jeans and ratty shirts while you’re in college. There are numerous ways you can look every bit as fashionable as the Kardashian sisters without breaking the bank. Here’s how:

1. Stick to Solid Colors

Ever noticed how solid colored shirts never go out of style? That’s because they’re very versatile. You can wear a white V-necked shirt with a nice pair of jeans, shorts, or even a skirt. All you need is a cute sweater (in case it gets cold) and a couple of accessories to spice up your look.

Furthermore, solid colored shirts are not that eye catching so you will never hear anyone say: “Didn’t you just wear that shirt last week?”. Make sure to invest in these pieces of clothing though so they will last you more than just a couple of washes.

2. Don’t Get Sucked into Trends

It’s normal to buy a particular style of dress because it’s what’s in season. However, have you ever noticed that more often than not, you’ll see a boy or girl wearing the exact same style walking around campus? That said, avoid getting sucked in by fashion trends because that’s just what it is – a trend. It will be out of style within a couple of months. If you really have to, just by one piece of clothing that’s in season so you won’t end up with a drawer full of outdated clothes.

Always stick to the classics because they never go out of style. Just look at Audrey Hepburn, she’s still considered a fashion icon up to this very day. But here’s something you should always remember: develop your own style. This will benefit not only your pocket, but also your journey to self discovery.


Unfortunately, there are some things you won’t be able to avoid spending your hard earned money on such dental treatments that will help fix dental problems that leave you feeling insecure. It is always best to save money so you can fund treatments like these because insecurities can affect your self-confidence and thus, your social well-being. The good news is, there are ways you can save on medical and dental treatments.

A dentistry clinic specializing in veneers in Atlanta offers special discounts for students looking to get a smile makeover. They do this to help alleviate the problem regarding bullying in schools. They hope that by making veneers affordable to students, the number of kids being teased because of their tooth gap, and discolored or chipped teeth will be lessened. As for whether or not students should invest in porcelain veneers, Atlanta based cosmetic dentists say it’s all in the matter of whether or not you are looking for long-term savings. Composite veneers are cheaper upfront but porcelain ones last longer thus offering you more savings in the long run.

Things You Can Do to Unwind if You’re a High School Senior

Being a high school senior can be very stressful. Aside from needing to study for quizzes and exams, you also need to meet deadlines for papers and other projects. On top of that, you also need to make sure you have time for extra-curricular activities because those things matter when you're applying for college. Lastly, you need to fill up and send out tons of college applications. It can be very hard to find some downtime during you last year in high school but it is important that you do so you don't get burned out.

Here are a few things you can do to unwind despite having a busy schedule:

1. Surf the Internet

This can be done when you're taking a break from writing your English paper. Don't limit yourself to Facebook, Twitter, or Youtube when you're searching the internet and don't waste your time on porn sites! You can make surfing the internet both fun and educational at the same time. The site Uber Pops has cool stuff on articles about cool stuff for guys who are into sports, funny reads about movies, and heartwarming stories about life.

2. Attend School Activities

It's quite understandable for high school seniors to pass up on school activities such as sports fests because they think those things are childish. Honestly though, you should enjoy those things while you still can because you won't get to experience them again once you're in college.  Those are part of the things that make being a high school so much fun, why would you want to miss out on that?

3. Go Camping with Your Family

You must be thinking, "Where will I find time to go camping?". Well, make time for it! You don't have to spend your weekends holed up in your room studying or filling up college applications. It's perfectly okay to take a weekend off to spend time with your family. Again, enjoy it while you can because you won't get a much family time when you're away in a college.

4. Enjoy Quiet Time Alone

While being alone may be the last thing on your mind when you want to unwind, studies have shown that alone time is actually beneficial to a person's overall mental health. You see, it is only when you're alone that you are able to process your thoughts thoroughly. Call it soul searching if you may but people who are able to enjoy alone time have been proven to be better at coping with stress. Conversely, being able to handle pressure well will make you more productive in the long run.

5. Exercise

Just because you're still in your teens doesn't mean you can skip exercising. Studies have shown that obesity occurs mostly in teens who are complacent when it comes to their health. That said, make sure you set aside at least 30 minutes each day for exercise. This can be in the form of running, swimming, and even dancing if you are looking for something that's a little more your age. In the long run, you will realize that exercise will not leave you wiped out. Rather, you have more energy to face the tasks you have ahead. 

What’s Next After High School?

Deciding on what to do after you graduate from high school is one of the most difficult decisions you will ever have to make in your life. After all, this decision will affect how you will be living out the next 40 years or so. For this reason, it is important to consider all your options before you make up your mind.

Unfortunately, not everyone has the privilege of being able to attend a top university either because of financial reasons or their grades just didn't make it. If you are one of those people, don't worry it's not the end of the world. There's still a wide array of options you can choose from.

It's not uncommon for college students to work and study at the same time. You can attend a local community college and arrange your schedule so you can hold a full-time job. One option is by taking night classes. However, the easiest route for working students these days is through distance learning.

Distance learning courses are offered by online universities. Classes are conducted online through video calls or through a particular software program. Modules and tests are sent through email. These types of courses are usually fast tracked which is why they can be completed within a few months or two years the most.

The reason why distance learning programs are best for those who need to juggle work and studies is because it's designed in such a way that you have the liberty to study in your own time. If you miss the live lecture because of work, you can watch the recorded version when you get home. However, this e-learning is not for everyone because it entails a lot of self-studying. This means you need to really be committed to completing the course and getting your degree so you can get into the right mindset.

What kids of courses are offered for distance learning programs? All sorts! There are online universities that offer programs for careers related to the healthcare and legal industries. You can will also find programs for those aspiring to become veterinary technicians.

However, keep in mind that online courses will only cover the theoretical side of a particular course. Meaning, you will only learn through the lectures and this isn't enough for certain careers. If you look at the vet tech job description at, you will see that hands-on experience is required in order to get certified by the National Association of Veterinary Technicians in America.

On the other hand, the paralegal job description at only says that students must complete 60 to 70 units of general paralegal education to acquire an Associate's Degree. After which, they can already start applying for internships at law firms. However, paralegals are required to take refresher courses after every 5 years to continue working in the field. That said, before you decide to become a paralegal, make sure you can commit to getting continuous education for the rest of your career.

At the end of the day, make sure to choose your path after high school very wisely. Don't rely on the financial possibilities along when making your decision. Remember, you will be doing this for decades to come.

How to get rid of pests from your frat house

If you’ve got pests in your frat house you’ll want to try and get rid of them as soon as possible, or they will multiply and cause even more problems.

Mice and rats


The obvious thing to do here is to lay down traps. You could try using humane traps which don’t kill the rodents but just trap them in a tunnel which closes behind them. You can release them alive, but make sure you do it a good distance away from the frat house or they will come scuttling straight back.

If this doesn’t work you could try more conventional traps, but this can get very messy, it’s not pleasant to have to come down in the morning to the sight of a decapitated rodent

You could lay down poison traps and this can be very effective, although not a nice way for the rodents to die.

Sticky strips that the mice or rats get trapped on is another option, although this will not kill them, and since they can’t be extricated from the glue you will have to kill them yourself which again is not a pleasant task.
Electrical traps.
These are perhaps the best option. The trap is a tunnel, which when the rodent gets half way into in search of food springs an electrical current which kills the mouse instantly. A light then goes on signalling that a rodent has been caught in the trap. You just have to clear the tunnel by safely disposing of the mouse or rat.


Cockroaches are a particularly horribly and stubborn best to get rid of but here are some ideas on how to try and go about it.
You can buy traps from stores, that will attract the roaches and then trap them with glue.

Home-made traps
Or you can make your own traps by putting a jar full of water next to a wall. The roaches will be able to climb up the wall and into the jar in search of water, but then won’t be able to escape.

Buy roach bait
This is food that the roaches will be attracted to and that they will hopefully take back to their nest to share with the other roaches, wiping them all out.


Moths can be difficult to get rid of as well. There are two main types – the clothes moths and the food moth

You can buy traps for both kinds of moth pest that have pheromones in them that will attract the moths and has glue on them which they can’t escape from.

Make sure everything is clean, your clothes if you have clothes moths and you cupboards if you have food moths, it’s likely that you may need to throw all your food out unfortunately because it may have become contaminated. Get plastic containers for your new food, particularly for grains.

Find out more methods of how to get of pests yourself here. Or if none of these things work you’ll probably need to call in professional pest controllers.

How to Stay Young and Fresh Despite Stress from Sports Tournaments

As a student, it is important to not just excel in academics. You have to gear towards holistic development. This is the reason why you join extracurricular activities. If you try to get involved in many activities, then you are in the right direction. However, being involved in these activities can be very stressful. This is true especially if you are a part of the school’s varsity team. Every now and then, you have to spend long hours for practice. On top of that, you have to excel in your academics too or else you will be pulled out of the varsity team.

Thus, at some point, you just want to give up. You start looking haggard already. You always come to school late. However, you know just how prestigious being in the varsity team is. You also don’t want to give up something that you have always wanted to do.

Maintaining balance

The first thing that you have to learn is time management. There is nothing wrong with being involved in several activities in school as long as you can balance things out. If not, then you are in serious trouble. Get a planner and have all your activities listed. You can even use your smartphones to avoid forgetting what you need to do. Most of all, you need to sleep on time. Even if you are busy doing a lot of things, when it is time to sleep, you have to sleep. This is how you maintain your energy and stay fresh every day.

Choosing the right training techniques

You might also feel easily tired and drained when practicing because you don’t follow the right techniques. You might be overworked with the training. You might also be doing more than what your body can take. For instance you are in a soccer team and your coach asked you to train at least three times a week. You wanted to push yourself so you practice even more. If you want to be better in soccer without being too hard on yourself, then you might have to change techniques. Know the answer to the question, does the Epic Soccer training system really work. You can go here and for sure, you will find out if you are doing things the right way or not.

Use the right beauty products

Just because you are into sports and you want to appear tough does not necessarily mean you won’t use beauty products anymore. In fact, these products are essential so you will stay young and look appealing. Take note that you are still a student. Being under the sun for several hours of practicing might make you look old. Sleeping late at night also makes your skin look bad. Thus, you have to bring moisturizer, facial cleanser and wet tissue with you all the times. This helps so you can stay clean even during practice. Of course, at night, you can apply Lifecell wrinkle cream. You can check it out here for more information. For sure, this will help you maintain a healthy glow.

With these tricks, for sure, you can excel in sports and stay good looking all the time! 

Top 4 Ways to Keep Fit on a Student Budget

My time as a student has been one of the happiest periods of my life so far. I made a number of new friends, partied far more than is sensible and gained a better understanding of who I am.

One aspect of student life I am not going to miss is having little to no money. If like me you enjoy keeping fit, but don’t have any funds to even contemplate a gym membership, here are my Top 4 tips for keeping fit on a budget.


The number of benefits that you get from running is remarkable. In fact, if you break down nearly every sport or fitness activity, they all include some form of running. Whether it’s CrossFit, soccer, rugby or basketball, running is the core aspect.

Running is included in my Top 4 for a number of reasons, but the best one is it’s FREE. As long as you already have a good pair of shoes, socks, T-shirt/sweat shirt and shorts, you’re good to go.

You can run anywhere no matter where you live and it will never cost you a cent. All cities have parks, river walks and flights of stairs just waiting for you to run on. The countryside has even more to offer with hills, dirt tracks and wild weather conditions to keep your free training evolving.

Free Workout Videos

If you can’t get outside for whatever reason and you have access to the Internet, then you also have access to thousands of FREE workout videos. Youtube doesn’t just boast videos of funny cats or fashion blogs — you can also find some of the best workouts made by fitness trainers, gym enthusiasts and celebrities.

I have always been a big fan of workout DVDs, but as a student it was never within my budget to pay $50 or more, so when I discovered you could watch fitness workouts on Youtube, I was overjoyed.

Buy Secondhand Fitness Equipment

Fitness equipment is expensive. Just yesterday I was researching rowing machines, and even for a basic unit, the cost is around $400. This is way too expensive for someone on a budget, but there are other options.

The Internet is a wonderful place and if you are smart and patient you can find a number of secondhand pieces of fitness equipment at a fourth of the new price (

You need to search websites like Ebay and Craigslist to find listings and auctions. These sites simply offer a place for people to sell unwanted fitness equipment and most of the time the equipment is in fairly new condition.

Join a Team

The university or college that you attend will have a number of teams and clubs that you can join for FREE. As a member of the team you will then have access to fitness equipment, sports halls/gym rooms and the team schedule of events.

During my time as a student I joined the running team and soccer team. This gave me access to pretty much every fitness option the university offered and best of all, it didn’t cost me a dime.

How to make Geology Rock

Anybody studying geology in a science class and constantly falling asleep? I can’t blame you. On the surface, it seems like there’s not much point in studying rocks – you might as well do an experiment on how slowly paint dries. I had exactly this issue when I was younger – there are areas of science that feel exciting and interesting, and others that feel tedious or just downright dull. However, as with a lot of things, I think once a person knows a little more about a particular topic, that whole subject area immediately becomes much more interesting. The key is to get over that initial hurdle of disinterest/boredom.

An example I like to give is with astronomy. Sitting in a classroom learning about the planets and how Saturn has rings – that isn’t really that interesting – on the other hand, once you get into red giants, white dwarfs, and black holes, suddenly astronomy becomes quite fascinating. Also, I’ve noticed that older folks tend to be much more interested in astronomy than people of my generation – and I believe this is due to the moon landing, which captured the imaginations of a whole generation, leading to an increased interest in astronomy and science overall.

Now, I can’t promise you a moon landing, but I can suggest an activity that might make whatever geology class you’re taking much more bearable. If there are any teachers out there, if you can get permission from your school, this can also make for a great field trip (much better than visiting a museum – schools don’t seem to get that kids generally HATE museums). The activity I’m talking about is rockhounding – going on an expedition to look for interesting and potentially valuable stones, rocks, and gems. Don’t try to educate yourself too much – just find a suitable area (you can find this information on google for your individual state/region), go there, and go looking for interesting stuff. Chances are, you won’t find anything truly valuable, but by the time you get home with your bag full of rocks, you’re going to be curious about whether or not you happened to be lucky enough to find something rare. You can try to figure out what you actually ended up with by using a resource specific to precious stones (this site has a great chart of a whole bunch of semi precious stones) or you can just trawl through wikipedia’s list of interesting stones here.

After you’ve tried to look up all the cool looking rocks and stones that you found, you’ll have just built yourself a foundation of geology knowledge. For especially engaged students or teachers, you can even try to make jewelry or other arts and crafts out of what you picked up whilst rockhounding – this will help you come to understand that rocks aren’t just rocks – many kinds of stones or gemstones can be exceedingly rare, and beyond that, even the most common forms of rock and stone often have many uses – they can be decorative, used for industrial purposes, and a whole host of other things.

This idea extends beyond just geology – tactile, novel experiences are inherently interesting, and sitting in a classroom reading a textbook is often not. If you want to overcome your boredom with a certain subject, go out there and try and learn about it in a more hands-on way – find out where stuff comes from, how it’s useful, and why you might want to learn more. If you can do this consistently, you won’t just be a good student – you’ll train yourself to be a curious, inquisitive person who never wants to stop learning, and this can trait can help you tremendously with achieving goals in your career and in your life.

4 Study Tips for EMT Students

This is a post I have been planning to do for some time, but I wanted to make sure I got some input from a friend of mine, Dave, who had signed up for EMT training CT based classes. He is 21 years old and basically decided that he wanted to find a career with good prospects for the future and also make a difference in people’s lives. The great thing about EMT careers is that there are multiple stages with different levels and amounts of training.

Anyway, about 4 weeks ago he passed his exams and is now registered at the basic EMT level. He didn’t even need to go looking for a job as during his practical work experience he had made some good connections and because he did so well in his exam and work experience they offered him a job right away. He has shared some tips with me and I want to pass those onto my readers.

Interact In Every Class

The classes are designed to be interactive and you should take every opportunity to get direct input and advice from the teachers. This will go an awful long way to help you prepare for the job. Instructors are experts in the field and they can show you exactly how to deal with all the different types of emergency situations you will find yourself in.

Ask Experienced EMTs For Help

Dave told me that on the first day of training he was given a list of people to contact for the work experience part of his training. That very same day he contacted them and met with a manager the following day. His on the job training wasn’t due to start for several weeks, but he decided to call in to his new boss once a week to talk through some of the stuff he was being taught. The information and additional hands on training he received this way helped an awful lot in his success.

Have All Your Paperwork Complete On Day One

In the weeks of training Dave saw a lot of his class mates take their time with some of the paper work that needed to be completed. To make sure there would be no delays in getting an exam date, he followed advice at and was the very first person to have all the paper work completed. This ensured that he was able to sit the exam immediately at the end of the training.

Do Practice Exams

The NREMT and your training provider are be able to hook you up with access to practice exams. It is incredibly beneficial to do several of these, as they will highlight any areas that you need to focus on. They will also help you build up confidence when you manage to pass the practice ones. Basic level EMT exams are not hugely complicated, but there is a lot to learn. You should also ask some qualified EMTs to go through some practical exam scenarios to help you build up some more experience.