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Top 5 Things to do In NYC as a Student

New York is an expensive city and it can be hard to get by with the necessities on a student budget, much less have fun. But there are plenty of things to do that do not cost a fortune and they are often more fun than any of the tourist attractions. So if you found a few extra bucks under the couch cushions, then here’s the five places that you should consider spending it.

student vacation


Start Your Own Jewelry Business as a Student

In order to save money as a student, you might want to consider starting a jewelry business.

Studying college is very expensive. Unless you are born from a rich family, you have to work really hard to finish 4 or 5 years in college. Thus, it helps a lot that you also find ways to earn more money to support your studies. Though you can get college loans, it will still haunt you later on once you have already graduated. Thus, if you can lessen your financial debts while studying, it would be better. As such, you might have to consider the idea of starting your own business.

There are a lot of college students starting out small business already. However, they go for products that are either difficult to sell or are too cheap to let them earn a significant amount of money. If you want something that will really help you earn more at a lower capital, you might want to start your own jewelry business.

Starting the business

Yes, jewelry is expensive. It can even cost hundreds upon thousands of dollars. As a student, you don’t have a lot of money to invest on authentic jewelry. Thus, it would not hurt if you go for semi-precious stones. This allows you to still attract people who want to buy jewelry, but are on a tight budget. At the same time, you won’t have to spend a lot just to kick this business off.

The advantages of selling semi-precious stones

To begin with, you need a very small amount for capital to buy a few items and sell them to someone. Since the items are not as expensive as authentic jewelry, you can also expect to sell them to ordinary students just like you. It is also possible for you to deal with people in your community and in the university. As long as they can get their money’s worth, then it is good enough for a start. You will just realize that as soon as you have sold high quality jewelry to your clients, you will have more of them ordering from you.

Going online

It also helps that you try to sell these items online. If you are studying web design, then you have the basics on how to setup a site where you can promote this product. The good thing about advertising online is that you expand your clients. At first, you only have your classmates as your target clients. With this, you can now target more people. In fact, you can even start to deliver these items whenever necessary. You won’t regret opening this business since people love jewelry. It is something that they won’t mind spending their money on.

If you want to get started, you might have to check out the best blue gemstones from the list of blue gemstones. This is a perfect option for a start. Once you have chosen the items to sell, then everything can move forward from there. You will be surprised to see your business growing bigger soon with more clients coming to you.

Fun Activities for Students

All student’s are looking for fun activities to do, whether after school or during the summer. However, sometimes they have a hard time figuring that out on their own. Here’s a list of tried and true fun activities guaranteed to amp up your down time.

1. Paintball – This indoor/outdoor sport is fun for all ages. It is a game of war played with paintballs and aerosol guns on a set terrain designated either by the players or the arena, with natural or artificial obstacles. You may choose to be on a team, or work as a single agent. The goal is to eliminate your opponents and be the last team, or last one standing without having been decorated by others colors. Beginner’s can go to to see the equipment they will need.

2. Parkour – This military-type training discipline has rocked its way through today’s youth. As a parkour practitioner, you aim to get from point A to point B in the straightest possible manner by incorporating running, climbing, rolling, jumping, swinging, and vaulting actions, or any other possible physical movement. Some people use every day urban settings, while others use obstacle courses. It’s really up to the runner. Parkour is a great activity to turn into a competition with your friends to see who can out-run, out-climb, out-jump the other in the attempt to be the fastest person from point A to B. Unlike a lot of other sports, all you really need are a good pair of parkour sneakers.

3. Ultimate Frisbee – This is an outdoor team sport that is a cross-breed of football, basketball, soccer, and rugby played with a lightweight flying disc. You use aerobics, strength, and mental acuity to outmaneuver the opposing team. A typical game plays to fifteen points and can last up to two hours. Many games can become high-adrenaline and high-paced. Though the word Frisbee is in the name, don’t get it confused the same game of toss with which you grew up. This game is more like football than playing catch.

4. Field Sports – This is really just a generic term for many outdoor team sports: baseball, softball, flag football, handball, soccer, kickball, and basketball, just to name a few. These team sports are exciting for all ages and can be a great outing for friends and family. All of these sports are fun and relaxing, and also provide a competitive spirit to brighten up your day. All you need is a ball and a friend to bring a little entertainment into your humdrum day.

5. KayakingThis is a type of water activity for individuals. You can kayak with others; however, they will need their own kayak. Kayaking is a great way to get out into nature and find an exhilarating activity that allows for many uses. Not only can one glide across the waters at their own pace and enjoy nature and their surroundings, but you can also go diving, fishing, and exploring with your kayak. Many people love this activity because it works your upper body in the quiet and serene outdoors, rather than going to a loud, crowded gym.

How to Survive College on Allowance and Part-Time Jobs 

Being in college is probably one of the hardest phases in a person’s life. You are on your own with only your parents’ allowance and part time jobs to keep you afloat in the years that you have to finish your degree. As a young person it is hard to manage your finances, especially if you are short on budget with all the student loans that you are paying and your day to day subsistence. But there are simple ways that you can do so you stay on budget and you do not incur more debt while you are in college.

Keep a journal for your budget. 

Writing down your monthly budget is a very effective way of managing your finances. Make a list of your fixed monthly needs such as groceries, utility bills, credit card payments, student loan payments, miscellaneous expenses, etc. List down also your sources of income (e.g. allowance from your parents, if any, or any job you have while in school) and compare your expenses against your income to see if you turn up negative or positive in your monthly budget. And don’t forget to include your monthly savings as well.

If your expenses are more than your income, try adjusting your budget to fit everything. Doing so may mean scrimping a bit on some things, but you will get used to being frugal if you are disciplined in following your budget to a T.

Cut down on eating out in restaurants. 

Admit it, there are times when you feel so lazy to cook and you just want something that will be served to you cooked and ready to eat. But eating out at restaurants a few times a week can make a dent on your budget. Instead, stock up your fridge with cooking ingredients and cook most days, if not everyday, so you can save money from eating out. The best way to go about this is to make a weekly menu on what you want to cook so you can buy the ingredients from the grocery all at once.

If rice is part of your staple food, cook it using a rice cooker, so it doesn’t get burned. Preparing rice is easy. When preparing rice, all you have to do is wash and rinse the rice and add the appropriate amount of water. Compact rice cookers are the best. These compact rice cookers are very easy to use and cook rice fast.

Minimize your credit card use. 

Credit cards take up a huge chunk of your budget if you always use it, even in purchasing small items. If you have several credit cards, assign which one you will use for grocery shopping, which one for booking flights for going home, etc. Or better yet, keep only one card and ask the bank for a small credit limit so your monthly payments are not too big. Pay with cash as much as possible and if you are out on a weekend, leave your credit cards at home to prevent you from making impulse purchases.

Save, save, save. 

The best principle in saving and spending is this: spend what is left after saving, not save what is left after spending. This is a very simple principle. Pool all your income each month and allot a fixed percentage that will go directly to your savings account. Work around what is left for your budget. This will allow you to live comfortably during rainy days.

These are just some of the things that you can do so you can withstand four or five years of college without having to fall down the depths of debt. Aside from concentrating on getting good grades at university, another one of your responsibilities is to stay afloat financially while doing so.

A Few Tips for the Budget College Student

College life can be hectic and often quite expensive because of all the debts you may have to take upon yourself to get your degree. This is why sometimes it’s much harder to figure out a way to keep you fed and educated when you also have to pay for the basics in your life. Luckily, many other people have experienced these issues first hand and learned new ways to cope with financial issues. So if you’re having trouble buying those textbooks or need to get your dorm cleaned for pests, here are a few tips you can use to save a little extra cash while you’re learning more about your course.

Think about where you put your money

While you’re young, it can be tempting to spend money on anything that catches your fancy. It’s all right to splurge on things you want once in a blue moon, but generally, it would be better if you think about how you budget your cash. Instead of buying new text books, look around on merchant sites for used copies at cheaper prices. At the same time, carry cash instead of plastic because you’d be surprised at how frugal you can get when you’re holding dollars instead of a credit card.

Eat right but eat smart

Usually, the college diet includes ramen and other instant meals that you can cook up in a microwave. However, that isn’t the healthiest way to live but if you’re living on a budget, it’s tempting to stick with that meal plan until you’ve gotten your degree. Instead of doing this, you can learn to look for markets that sell cheap but home grown products. After that, you should also consider only eating what you need daily rather than going under or over that line. 

Don’t be afraid to dig for the deals

Deals are abounding everywhere, but sometimes you have to get into the dirt and dig deep. For when your apartment has pest problems like the need help to killing termites, why don’t you learn how to kill termites yourself? All you’ll really need are a few pesticides and a machine to effectively spread the chemicals. It’s a cheap alternative and might even help you learn something new. At the same time, you can also look for other kinds of alternatives like cheaper gym services or cable and data plans that come at a cheaper cost than other, bigger services.  

Give back

Giving back means a lot more than just donating a few bucks every month to a charity. For example; instead of taking vacations that cost a lot, try and volunteer your time instead. You can also donate blood, or sell it if you need a little extra cash. Lastly, you can resell your textbooks so that another freshman can benefit from those pages.

So now you know a thing or two about saving your money while you’re doing your time in college. Just keep thrifty and think before you act on any financial impulses and you’ll be just fine.

Tips for Purchasing Your First Gunsmithing Kit For New Graduates

Gunsmithing is a trade, and like many other trades, it has tools that need to be carefully selected before embarking on a project. The first thing you need to realize is that there are many different kinds of toolkits out there. You can purchase a toolkit as simple or as intricate as you want. Similarly, tool kits can be bought at a reasonable price if they’re the basic versions, whereas the more complicated kits, which include different kinds of tools, are obviously pricier. This kind of diversity in the gunsmithing toolset lets people begin with simpler kits and move on to more advanced kits as their knowledge and skills in the trade increases.

For someone who owns a kit that has the adequate tools, a lot of feats in the gunsmithing trade are achievable. For instance, a smith can mount an accessory or punch out pins. Of course, the accessories which are already present can be taken off of the gun to restore it to its vanilla state or to put on other types of accessories in their place. Additionally, the gun’s trigger can be replaced. There are kits that even let the gunsmith fully dismantle the firearm and then reassemble it one piece at a time so that each part can be modified as required. The same applies to weapons which have mounted sights that aren’t accurate any more. The sights can be fixed or changed altogether as the situation dictates.

These kits are quite useful for those with an interest in gunsmithing. However, they may also be kept out of necessity by those who live in remote areas where professional gunsmiths are hard to come by, and guns are needed for protection / self-defense / hunting. It is much easier to do the repairs and modifications ‘in-house’ as opposed to seeking out the help of a distant gunsmith. In fact, plenty of gun owners in such far flung areas learn gunsmithing techniques of their own accord from online gunsmithing schools, to compensate for the lack of professionals – and a good toolkit is vital to the process.

Regardless of the reason for which a person needs a gunsmithing kit, it is imperative that they consider the type of work they need to perform on their firearm before purchasing one. Once you’ve figured out what you’re going to be doing to the gun, you can make a list of tools that will be needed for the job and then buy the kit(s) which contain these tools.

Also be sure to get the kit which has the best quality and is in your budget. Quality toolkits keep their value and carry a lesser risk of getting damaged right when you need them the most.

Student Discount For Astronomy Lovers

As the weekend quickly approaches, we wanted to offer our readers another money saving recreational idea.  Our job is to keep you both curious and entertained.  If you have an idea for a fun activity that you would like to see sponsored on our site, give us a shout! We are consistently looking for ideas and partners in the local community.  Most times, we are able to formulate a student special discount, ensuring that the student always wins! Read below to see our latest discounted activity.

Student Discount

Did you know that the local science museum, The Science Haven, offers free entry to their exhibits and a 50% student discount off their planetarium shows to students? The Science Haven was just named one of the country’s best science museums in the nation, with their astronomy exhibit winning the coveted gold medal.  That means you can see the best science exhibit in the entire nation, absolutely free!

The Science Haven’s astronomy exhibit is an extremely interactive and thorough look at our solar system.  This is most likely due to the fact that the exhibit’s main curator worked for NASA for over 40 years.  His passion for space is clear.  The exhibit includes a zero gravity simulator, where visitors can actually feel what it is like to travel into space.  Moreover, the exhibit employs state of the art virtual reality simulators of a moon walk.  Make sure not to miss the ride to Mars, a full sized ride that takes you on a journey to the planet.

Every six months, the museum hosts a member from NASA’s board to come and speak at the museum about the institution’s current projects.  Unfortunately, the student discount usually does not cover this portion, but it still an invaluable speech so long as you can get a ticket before it sells out.

If the planetarium is more of your style, we recommend going to see the solar system show.  Your journey to space will have you stopping at every single planet in our galaxy as well as some parts outside of our galaxy that are being explored by NASA.

Something For Everyone

Every first Saturday of the month, The Science Haven also offers an in depth, tour of the universe with the most reviewed and best rated telescopes available.  Beginning an hour before sunset, the museum’s staff go into a brief history of telescopes and teach participants how to use the seven telescopes owned by the museum.  As the sun sets and the stars begin to shine, participants are taught how to locate the constellations and are given the opportunity to see everything through the eyes of the telescopes.

Other exhibitions featured in the Science Haven includes information about natural disasters, the human body and its systems, reptiles, the rainforest, the science of global warming, colors and chemical elements, to name a few. There is also a childrens exhibit with a telescope for kids to look through and gain an appreciation for astronomy.

The Science Haven also dedicates a space to traveling exhibitions.  Until the end of July, you can get an in depth look into the world of the Mayans and their long lasting culture.

Enjoy your time at The Science Haven.  Be sure to come back to the site to write a review of your experience.  Our reviews are helpful to other students looking for local events.

How To Lead A Healthier Lifestyle On A College Student’s Budget

When you’re a college student, you’ve got to watch every dollar that you spend and make it stretch as far as it can go. This truth is even more evident in those that decide to take their health and fitness seriously when they are in school. When I was in college, most of my friends were eating fast food, partying all night, and treating their bodies like a garbage disposal. I, on the other hand, was watching what I was eating and working out almost everyday. I figured out really early that being healthy was a more expensive way to live, but was something that could be done if I just stuck to a budget. So, to help out those college students who take their health and fitness a little more serious than most, here are the top tips to eat well while on a college budget.

Don’t Eat Out All The Time

One of the easiest ways to save money at any time in your life, not just while in college, is to not eat out all the time. This is especially true when you are eating healthier, as eating out and choosing healthier options does tend to be a little more expensive than traditional meals. I would still go out to eat with friends and family every once in a while, but I made my own food when it came to those staple meals. You can even go as far as clipping coupons for your groceries and save even more money. I was actually surprised to learn that I was spending less money on food than my friends were and I was eating much better food than they were.

Be Smart About Supplements

When you get into fitness and lead a healthy lifestyle, you will ultimately start looking into supplements to help you reach your goals. I’m not making a point about supplements being good or being bad, just that you should do your homework on supplements before shelling out your money for something that may not work. When I was in college, this was harder to do. Luckily, with all the information on the internet today, you can find many quality resources to help you in your supplement purchases. I found a great resource for this during my research on this, a site called The Muscle Review. They had tons of reviews and ratings for various supplements. If you’re interested, you can head on over to their site,

Ask About Discounts

If you go to a school that has a student workout facility, then you should also inquire at the front desk about any discounts that they have with companies around town. You would be shocked to learn how many places offer college discounts by just showing your student ID. There are plenty of places around campus that will display where you can get a student discount, but you should ask the fitness facility specifically as well. Many times, they may have an agreement with a health food store, supplement store, or other health related place where you can get a discount. If there aren’t any places that offer discounts for health related goods, then it never hurts to approach a business and ask them about accepting a student discount. Many businesses will agree to this, as they will get a whole new clientele to their business that they may have never had before. Never hurts to ask.

A Short Guide to Ant Farms

Ants are among the most interesting of insects and one way to learn more about them is by building an ant farm. This project can be bought in toy stores or hobby stores. The price ranges from $4.00 to $20.00. There are kits that use a gel instead of sand or dirt. The gel gives the ants the nutrients they need, so feeding is not necessary. However, you can build your own and in doing so, you will learn how ants run their colony. Here are the easy steps:

1. You will need one large jar, and one unopened can of soda. A small glass may be used, instead of the can. You will also need a rubber band and a square of nylon from old pantyhose. This will let the air in and keep the ants inside your jar.

2. Place the small glass or soda can inside the clean glass jar- try to place it in the center.

3. Fill the jar with potting soil or soil from your garden. It should be loose, not compacted.

4. Add a moist cotton ball, for moisture. Ants get most of their water from their food but this gives them a bit more. You can include a few small twigs, leaves, small pebbles for a more realistic habitat.

5. Next, you may add your ants. If you buy them, they will most likely be Harvester Ants. These ants enjoy seeds for food. Did you know that if there is too much moisture below ground where they stash their seeds, these intelligent insects will bring them above ground and spread them out to dry! This prevents mold and also the germination of the seeds. They can defend themselves with a bite and a sting, so be careful when handling them. If you find them in your yard, they most likely will not have a queen, and the colony will die out in a month or two. Do not buy or use carpenter ants. They can damage your home and are difficult to get rid of (via

6. Once the ants are in their new home, cover the jar with the nylon swatch and wrap the rubber band tightly around the jar, so they will not escape. Since ants are accustomed to darkness underground, wrapping the jar with black construction paper when they are not being observed is a good idea. The best and most humane idea is to enjoy observing them for a few weeks and then release them back into the wild.
There are many ways to customize your ant farm. Before adding the ants, you might sew some grass seed and water it. Once the grass begins to grow, it will provide a much more natural foraging area. Then you can add your ants. Packets of seeds and dried foods for your ants may be purchased. Because they enjoy sweets, a drop of honey, sugar or a piece of hard candy may be added. Remember to keep the tidbits small and remove them before they mold or rot.

The complete metamorphosis of an ant usually takes six to eight weeks. They begin as an egg, then a larvae, and finally a young adult ant. There are nearly 9,000 different species of ants and they are found everywhere except Iceland and Greenland. There are 500 species in North America, alone! Build your ant farm and learn how creatures so small can be so incredible. Science project, anyone?

How acne can improve your grades at school

Being a young student can be difficult. There’s so much pressure on you, including peer pressure, expectations from your parents, family and teachers, and then your own dreams and aspirations. Sadly, most of the time, all of these conflict. In this post, I’m not going to try to teach you a new method to help with your studies, but I’ll show you a way to apply your daily struggles to your studies.

Many teenagers struggle with bad acne, and my guess is that you either are or have struggled with bad skin at some point in your life. Acne can be difficult, seeing that it’s already awkward enough to be a teenager. Socially, having bad skin can be a nightmare. I remember having pimples when I was a teenager, and refused to even leave the house. I intentionally skipped classes because I was so embarrassed about my bad skin condition. I constantly thought people would laugh at me, and I become a little bit of a social recluse. I don’t want that to happen to you, and I’ll show you some of the ways I was able to get rid of my spots fairly easily and quickly; and how you can apply what you learn in this post to your studies.

Take biology classes for example; you learn a bunch of facts which you might never learn. But how about trying to apply what you learn in biology classes to your own life. That’s really the best way to learn. Open your biology books and start trying to apply what you’re learning to your personal problems, such as a bad case of spots.

Not only will you learn the material in the curriculum much easier and faster, you’re more likely to learn something useful for a change at school. For example, I found this blog which talks about the best natural remedies to cure acne. I remember learning about Aloe Vera in class. But never thought about whether it might be useful to me personally. The same thing applies to sodium carbonate. I remember doing experiments and learning about its uses, but never even considered that it might be useful to me personally. You could read through all the natural remedies for pimples, and my guess is that you’ll probably recognize quite a few of the so called magical ingredients from your studies.

While this is good news for curing your acne and clearing your skin of pimples; it is also very good news for your education. What I’m trying to convey in this post is that you need to start learning in a different way. Start applying what you learn in your subjects  to your everyday life, whether it be chemistry or Spanish. If you can find a way to do that for most of your subjects, you will find studying not only easier, but a lot more fun. Don’t just memorize useless facts, but instead learn new things because you’re interested. In my own humble opinions, this is what separates an average student and a very good student.

If you’re interested in learning more about acne, you can follow this acne cure RebelMouse page.

Make More Time for Study Through Cutting Down Your Time in the Kitchen

If you are like me and have trouble taking the time from your studies to cook properly you may be interested in a cool and common kitchen device that will allow you to prepare many of your favourite dishes in a fraction of the time that they usually take. Yes, the pressure cooker. I’ve always been irrationally intimidated by them. The few times I have heard them talked about there’s been an air of caution and complicated warnings about things that I couldn’t really understand without being shown. So I’ve shied away from them. In the past pressure cookers were prone to doing scary things like have the lid pop off under high pressure – here’s an interesting thread about it all – but nowadays it has become more difficult to have an accident as there are several levels of protection built in. That’s not to say you can be careless — it’s good to be careful with anything in the kitchen involving heat and knives.

I, myself, have an electric pressure cooker (here‘s an online guide) and I am so glad that I finally took the plunge and bought one! They do indeed save a lot of time. You can prepare all your ingredients for a stew in ten or fifteen minutes, throw them in the pressure cooker, and once the cooker is up to heat have your food ready-to-eat in just three minutes. That’s right: three, trois, tres. In a regular cooking pot you are looking at forty-five minutes to one and a half hours. Let’s walk through a sample recipe to give you a practical example. I love this dish and have it once every couple of weeks in the winter: Pressure Cooker Eggplant Ratatouille Stew – here’s the recipe.

  1. Slice and dice the ingredients – I do this using my favourite long folding knife. (ten minutes)
  2. Sauté some of the ingredients in the pressure cooker for two or three minutes (three minutes)
  3. Add remaining ingredients (one minute)
  4. Lock the lid on your cooker and let it do its thing (three minutes)
  5. Add salt and pepper to taste
  6. Serve!

So, as you can see the whole process from the start of your prep to sitting down to eat takes less than twenty minutes if your are organized and efficient. (Just writing this make me hungry!)

There you have it. There are many ways to save time given modern conveniences such as pressure cookers. Please don’t cut corners on your nutrition though. There is no need to eat packages of ramen, bags of doritos, and bricks of chocolate to fuel you through epic study sessions or paper-writing marathons. If you feed yourself well you will have a clearer mind and more energy and so the time and effort you invest in the task at hand will pay greater dividends. Fortunately with an internet connection and a half-decent device of some sort you have access to practically limitless recipes of every sort – meat and potatoes, vegetarian, vegan, and flavours from every country too. There’s no need to make boring mushy meals.

Cheap ways for students to get rid of acne

Acne is one of the most common skin issues faced by students today. Treatment for this kind of problem can often require high spending, but if lack of money is stopping you from getting cured, fret no more. Below are ways in which you can get rid of acne without spending much.

Create an Aspirin Paste

Aspirin is an over-the-counter drug that is always available in any drug store, and we often have it lying around in our medicine cabinets. Aspirin carries an anti-inflammatory property that with constant use helps reduce acne. Create a paste by mixing three parts water with one tablet of aspirin until the paste becomes quite thick. Apply the aspirin mixture onto the acne spots on your skin using a Q-tip and wait for about 30 minutes for this to harden. Once you notice the mixture start to flake-off, this will be your cue to wipe the paste off. Use a clean sheet of damp tissue or cotton cloth to do this.

Use Honey

Apart from being a delicious additive to food and drinks, honey is known to reduce and heal acne because of its natural antibiotic properties. An added bonus is that honey is sticky on the skin allowing impurities and excess dirt to be purged from the skin. The application is simple and easy. All you need to do is apply honey on the skin forming a facial mask. Leave on the skin for 10 minutes to allow the substance to penetrate. Rinse your skin with warm water and pat dry with a clean cotton towel. Do this regularly and observe the decrease of pimples on your skin in the next couple of weeks.

Steam and Clean

One cause of acne is the clogging of dirt and germs inside the skin, which need to be removed as quickly as possible. Skin steaming is a painless technique in opening the skin pores. Simply boil water in a pan and expose your skin to the steam making sure that you don’t burn yourself. Do this for 10 to 15 minutes until you feel sweat on the face. After this process, wash your face using an anti-acne soap or antibacterial soap and pat dry with a clean cotton towel.

Apply Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil contains anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties which are highly beneficial to acne problems. To apply tea tree oil, drop a little amount into a cotton ball or Q-tip and dab it onto the acne. Do this before bedtime to allow the oil to penetrate the acne overnight. Then wash your face in the morning with warm water to remove excess oil. Tea tree oil is very cheap and can be purchased in body shops, spa clinics and cosmetic sections of department stores.

As you can see, acne treatment need not be expensive. All you need to do is check your cupboards to find these ingredients. Even if you don’t have any skin problems, it is still recommended to carry out proper skin care by focusing on preventive measures.

If you do have acne problems they may not be resolved overnight. It can take days, weeks or even months to sort the problem out depending on your skin’s reaction to the method used. So be patient and hopefully you can get rid of your acne cheaply.

Work as a House Cleaner on Weekends to Support Your Study

If you don’t have enough money to support your studies, it might be a huge problem. However, it does not mean that you cannot finish your studies anymore. In fact, there are a lot of things that you can do to ensure that you will still get your degree. You can put up a small business if you have an initial capital. You can also work on a fast food chain. If you only have free time during weekends and you have lots of academic requirements, the best thing to do is to work as a house cleaner. There are lots of families that need help cleaning their home. However, they also cannot afford a full time housekeeper. Therefore, you can step in and work for them every weekends.

When you are used to cleaning your own room, this won’t be a big problem. You are just dealing with a bigger place, but the process is more or less the same. Just make sure that you listen carefully to the instructions of your boss. Take note of the items that you should not touch at all. You should also just do what is asked of you and finish them on a given time.

Cleaning Tips

The first thing that you have to give attention to is the dirt. You want to get rid of dust and dirt all over the house. You can do some sweeping and mopping to ensure that all places are covered. However, if your boss has a vacuum, then you can use it as well. It will help hasten the entire process. If the homeowner has a pet, then you might have to suggest a vacuum to remove pet hair. This is important to ensure that their kids are safe as pet hairs can be too small and cannot be seen right away. If you want to know more about the best vacuum for pet hair, check this out.

If you are asked to deal with repair, then just make sure that you have the most important tools with you. Repainting for instance might be asked of you. This could be a very big task, but there are those who wish to cut the cost and so they ask you to do it instead of a professional painter. Well, this is not really a problem. You can check out here about airless paint sprayer reviews and find out how it can make your task a lot easier.

Use Your Time and Money Wisely

Yes, it is not easy being a working student. You have to balance your academics and your job. You also have a lot of other activities in school to deal with. However, this is something that can be done. A lot of other people have been in a much worse situation, but they managed to survive. Just think about getting a degree and what will become of you should you finally get a degree. As long as you do your job well and you make the most out of your earnings, then you have nothing to worry.

How to Look Good in College Without Breaking the Bank


It is a common misconception that looking good and being fashionable means you need to be ready to shell out the big bucks when you go shopping. While this is certainly how socialites and celebrities do it, the idea does not apply to simple folks. This is especially true for college students who are working their way through college so they don’t end up buried in student loans when they graduate.

However, this does not mean that you have to settle with wearing your worn out jeans and ratty shirts while you’re in college. There are numerous ways you can look every bit as fashionable as the Kardashian sisters without breaking the bank. Here’s how:

1. Stick to Solid Colors

Ever noticed how solid colored shirts never go out of style? That’s because they’re very versatile. You can wear a white V-necked shirt with a nice pair of jeans, shorts, or even a skirt. All you need is a cute sweater (in case it gets cold) and a couple of accessories to spice up your look.

Furthermore, solid colored shirts are not that eye catching so you will never hear anyone say: “Didn’t you just wear that shirt last week?”. Make sure to invest in these pieces of clothing though so they will last you more than just a couple of washes.

2. Don’t Get Sucked into Trends

It’s normal to buy a particular style of dress because it’s what’s in season. However, have you ever noticed that more often than not, you’ll see a boy or girl wearing the exact same style walking around campus? That said, avoid getting sucked in by fashion trends because that’s just what it is – a trend. It will be out of style within a couple of months. If you really have to, just by one piece of clothing that’s in season so you won’t end up with a drawer full of outdated clothes.

Always stick to the classics because they never go out of style. Just look at Audrey Hepburn, she’s still considered a fashion icon up to this very day. But here’s something you should always remember: develop your own style. This will benefit not only your pocket, but also your journey to self discovery.


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