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Top 5 Things to do In NYC as a Student

New York is an expensive city and it can be hard to get by with the necessities on a student budget, much less have fun. But there are plenty of things to do that do not cost a fortune and they are often more fun than any of the tourist attractions. So if you found a few extra bucks under the couch cushions, then here’s the five places that you should consider spending it.

student vacation


Nursing: Potential Career

I have been looking into nursing and have discovered a gem. The University of Kentucky has a large nursing program and there’s a ton of marketing around it. I never thought too much into it, only because I am always dissuaded by large marketing campaigns. However, I have done some research into the profession and come across some interesting information.

There is actually a shortage of nurses in the United States at the moment. There are not enough to deal with the current patient load. The baby boomer generation are getting older and nearing retirement age. They are bound to start having health issues and flooding into patient care facilities.

This is huge because if hospitals cannot deal with the patient load now then there is no way they will be able to deal with it when it is predicted to double ten years from now. Unless there is a flood of new nurses into the market. That could happen given how popular nursing programs are becoming at premier schools and universities. I find it hard to believe they can close the gap in only 10 years though.

Either way, nurses are getting paid more now than they ever have before in United States history. Registered Nurses are making an average of $67,000 per year. That number is predicted to go up over the next couple years. This profession makes sense for anyone who is passionate about patient care but who does not want to spend so many years in medical school and residency training.

I am actually surprised more people are not drawn to this profession. There are so many different directions you can take a career in nursing. One that appealed to me was travel nursing. Travel nurses travel the country by working and living in different areas of the United States. They are assigned to healthcare facilities all around the country to fill a shortages that facility may contain.

Travel nurses make an average on of $80,000 per year. Travel nurses with less than 3 years experience make on average of $65,000 per year. Travel nurses with 3 to 10 years experience make an average of $90,000 per year. Travel nurses with more than 10 years make over $110,000 per year. That is quite a lot of money.

Travel nursing is an interesting profession because you get to live in different areas of the United States. They get moving cost covered and housing allowances from the companies they work for. They still get a full set of benefits including 401k, health care, life insurance, etc. There is so much to love about this profession.

If I were a nurse this is exactly what I would do. They make a lot of money, they get to travel and live in different areas, and they make an impact on people’s lives. What more can you ask for? Nursing is on the rise and more people to take notice and advantage. There is a lot of money to be made. Plus there is so much options in where you can go with your career. I know I will give it some thought.  





Dental Insurance: Is It Needed?

When you’re in college, you probably don’t think about things like health insurance, dental insurance, or anything else other than your classes and having a good time. While it may be easy to not think about those things, it doesn’t mean that they aren’t important and don’t deserve your time and attention, no matter how much you wish it were otherwise.

The topic of health insurance has been talked about by many. Given that under the new healthcare law, you can stay under your parent’s insurance plan till you’re 27 years old, most students don’t have to worry about health insurance. Dental insurance is a completely different story though, and one that most people, not just college students, give little thought to.

Why, you ask? Simply put, it can save you lots of pain and money in the very near future. I’ll explain what I’m talking about in a moment. Before I go any further, I have to mention that I sought out some experts on insurance to get a better idea of insurance, in general. I spoke with Brandon Roerick of Hometown Benefits Group. They sell insurance in Springfield, MO, specializing in dental insurance in Missouri, and they are one of the highest selling insurance groups in the country.

Brandon told me that most people don’t ever think about dental insurance until they wake up one day and they have a toothache. Usually, they will need some sort of dental procedure. The problem is that most dental insurance plans require you to be on the plan for at least 6 months before they will cover major dental procedures. So what happens is that people end up paying out of pocket for procedures and paying double or triple what they could pay if they were on a dental insurance plan.

How much can you expect to pay on a dental insurance plan? Brandon told me that many plans start out around $20 a month, which will give you coverage for procedures and free checkups as well. There are even some plans that will provide you with a student discount, so if you’re a broke college student and think you can’t afford dental insurance, you will be pleasantly surprised to know that you actually can.

What I can tell you also from experience is that you can save yourself a lot of anguish by taking care of your teeth now and not just putting it off for later. During college, I never gave much thought to going to the dentist (even though I knew I should have) and when I was in my late 20’s, I was finding myself with too many cavities and having to undergo a painful root canal. . My dentist told me straight up that if I had taken better care of my teeth when I was younger, I probably wouldn’t have had the issues I was having with my teeth. Not a good feeling, to say the least.

So if you are a student or just tight on cash, know that dental insurance plans that work for your budget are available. Trust me, it’s better than facing a dental problem later and paying way too much.

Why Internet Marketing May Make A Great Career For You

In this day and age, the internet has become integrated into our daily lives in ways that we probably couldn’t have imagined even a mere 5 years ago. In that span of time, we have come accustomed to having cell phones that are more powerful than some computers in our pockets, logging onto social media on a daily basis to update the world about our every thought, and being able to find out facts about any topic that we can think of in a few seconds.

With all this technological innovation, there is also another form of innovation that is sometimes lost on many people who actually use these tools everyday, and that is advertising on these platforms. This is something that should be music to your ears if you are a student who is looking at what your future could hold, a wise choice may very well be internet marketing.

Of course advertising is nothing new, but how things are digitally advertised today is really a remarkable thing that traditional advertising could only dream of being able to accomplish. Much of this is due to some of the things that people have been concerned about like privacy of information, but most people gladly give up their entire lives to their facebook page. They use this to advertise to us based on our interests, only bringing us things that they know we are interested in because, well, we told them we were.

I’ve been somewhat aware of digital advertising, but the question that came to me was, is this a career that should be pursued by more? Part of my thinking it’s a great time to look into this market is because many experts believe we are in the golden age of digital marketing. If it’s not the golden age now, then are we on the cusp of it in the years coming up? I myself am not an expert on this topic, so I reached out to someone who is. I chatted with Jared Lee who is an SEO expert in Springfield, MO, who has also expanded his practice to doing SEO in Tulsa, and owns Vibranium Internet Marketing, a high-level digital marketing firm. All that is a fancy way of saying that he knows a thing or two about advertising on the internet.

On the topic of “The golden age of digital advertising,” Jared said “I don’t know about the golden age, but it’s a very exciting time to be in marketing, for sure. You can market to people based on many different factors, the main one being you can market to people that you already know are interested in a certain type of product. This means that you can not only make more sales to people but that people will be happy to find products that they thoroughly enjoy as well. It’s sort of the ultimate win/win situation.”

This is something that many in the internet industry have known about for some time now, but some traditional advertising firms are just now realizing. Internet advertising is probably the most effective form of advertising ever created. Instead of relying on interrupting people while they are watching television or listening to the radio, you instead present them with an ad that you know they have shown interest in based on their previous interests.

Is this a field that students and young people should be thinking of getting into? I asked Jared this question and he said “The business side of me wants to say no because that leaves more business for me, but the truth is there is so much money to be made in this market that there is plenty of room for newcomers for many more years to come”. Jared went on to say “The plus side to all this is it’s on the ground floor right now. The big companies don’t know how to use it, so if you can show them how to do it there is a great career in that”.

I would say the big takeaway from this topic is that the internet is a great place that makes all our lives easier and can also make your career more rewarding. If you are looking to get started in this field I would suggest getting some entry level marketing training to get some good principles of marketing and then doing a lot of research on the topic. Schools unfortunately aren’t on the cutting edge of all this, but that’s why now is a great time to get started in this field.

Improve Your Student Dorm and Fix Everything That’s Broken

Girl StudyingJust because you see in movies that student dormitories are dirty and extremely messy does not necessarily mean it is a norm. In fact, there are a lot of students who live in a tidy room and they place a great amount of effort just to keep everything in order. It is advantageous in a sense that you can sleep well and even study well for your exams. You live in a place where there are no broken items or garbage all over the place. Thus, if you want to change everything that you see in your room; stand up and make your move.


Keep the garbage out

You better start by picking up all the items that you don’t need and throw them away. You might smell something disgusting because you haven’t cleaned your room for a very long time. Borrow a vacuum cleaner if you don’t have one. Try to arrange all the items you need for your studies as well. You should also keep the ones that you don’t need. You also have to include your closet, cabinet and drawer. Once you are done, you will feel that something has changed. Thus, this must be your motivation to keep your room clean all the time.


Fix broken items

The process does not end just because you have already cleaned up the mess. In fact, it is just the start. Make sure that you check all the items in your room and have them fixed. You also have to replace them if necessary. Again, you don’t have to live the stereotypical student life if you can make the most out of it. For instance, if you have broken kitchen faucets, don’t be content with just a band-aid solution.

You should also not settle for an old faucet if that’s what you have in your room. In fact, you can just order the best kitchen faucets now online and your kitchen will look amazing again. If everything in your kitchen looks clean and new, then you don’t want to mess things up. Even your roommates will feel the same way. If they realize that you are trying to make the place look fancy, they will do their share in cleaning everything up.

Yes, you might say that you are still a student and you can’t afford to buy new items. However, you don’t have to spend that much. Again, going back to the idea of new kitchen faucets, there are high quality items out there at a very low cost. You can start by reading more about kitchen faucet reviews written by Tom at Drips N Drops. In doing so, you will easily decide which faucets will look amazing in your room. You will also be pointed to cheaper options that are good for students like you.


A time to change

Once you have cleaned up the mess in your room, it might be high time to fix your life as a student too. Make sure that you do better in your studies. You are sent away from home because your parents want you to be independent. You have to make the most out of this opportunity.

How to Improve your Study Routine with Sound, Sight and Smell

One thing every student could benefit from is an improved ability to study efficiently and effectively.

Apart from overachievers and 4.0 students the majority of school goers do not love to sit down at the desk for hours to study and write papers.

And most of the individuals who do that do take the time to sit down and crank out their school work (4.0 students aside) often don’t spend much time thinking of they could could optimize their study habits.

This really is too bad. Because if these students decided to put in a bit of extra effort learning how to sharpen their focus and discover ways to improve their work output while limiting distractions while studying they’d have to dedicate far less time to homework.

If you fall into the category of students who sit down and simply grit their teeth until their homework is done, no matter how long it takes, then this article is for you.

With just a little effort you should be able to double or maybe even triple your studying and homework completion speed and boost your subject matter retention as well.

Some common tips and tricks are to learn ways to speed up your reading and writing, find ways to limit distractions and improve your ability to remember facts and figures.

In this article though we will be focusing on how to improve your physical environment to help you feel comfortable and get in the zone to pump out that mentally taxing assignment that’s waiting for you on your desk.

1. Sound as a Study tool

There is a lot of debate about whether it’s best to listen to music or be in total silence when studying. There is good reason for this, as some people have shown to have perform better with music and others without.

The only way to find out what works best for you is to try out different options (no music, music with lyrics, music without lyrics) and see what works best for you.

Having sound as a tool in your study arsenal may seem trivial, but if music can help you get into a “flow” state while studying then it is worthwhile looking into it.

2. Sight as a Study Tool

With sight stimuli the emphasis is to avoid having things that are likely to distract you from being visible in your study area and keep around things that motivate you to focus.

If you tend to study in the same room as your TV and video game console you are doing your mind a disservice by having a tantalizing distraction within eyesight at all times.

Instead make your study environment very simple and only keep the basic tools you need to focus on your projects along with just a few study motivators like a small snack and a motivating picture or poster.

3. Smell as a Study Tool

Another sense stimuli which can improve your academic output is smell. Smells can have a strong effect on us and can motivate our emotions in a variety of ways.

Using smell to improve workflow, just like sight and sound, relies on personal preferences.

Think back to smells you remember as a child that calmed, soothed or helped you to focus. Your parents might have burned incense and you had a fondness towards it as a child. They might have rubbed eucalyptus oil on your ears as a baby to to help fight off an upset stomach or nausea and you might find that the scent still gives you an alert and aware feeling.

If you have smells that you enjoy then consider picking up an aromatherapy diffuser or a package of incense and fill your study area with these smells when it is time for you to study. Try to only use these smells for your study time so you will begin to associate the smell with working hard on your studies.

Students: Save on Spin Bike Classes!

One of 2015’s hottest new trends in fitness is spin cycling, according to,   Although small cycling groups never really went out of style, the modern “spin” on classes with new apps and technology makes exercising even more fun and addicting! Many state of the art facilities now have their own fitness app that will not only tell you the basics such as your heart rate and calories burned, but also will measure your stats against other people who take the class.  Many gyms offer a prize for spin cycle students who bike the most miles per week or burn the most calories per week.  That added reinforcement really makes for an interesting ride.

As a student, you’re probably thinking you can’t afford spin classes.  On average, most spin classes cost between $25-35 per session with monthly prices hovering around $600.  However, we’ve scoured the internet, called gyms and even took it a step farther to go into partnership with others to offer student discounts for our readers.  You’re welcome.  Check out the nation-wide places mentioned here for some sweet spin bike savings.  Most often than not, there will be at least one of the mentioned nearby your campus.

1) Soul Cycle: Arguably the most popular spinning bike class on the market today (due to the added weight training and core workouts), Soul Cycle has a dedicated following.  They use GoldStar spin bikes in their classes, which have a hefty price tag, but glide effortlessly.  The high price tag on the bikes is definitely reflected in Soul Cycle’s membership prices.  However, if you go to a Soul Cycle franchise with your student ID, you can get an entire week free, as well as enjoy up to 25% off classes.  If you do sign up, they offer an added “stress-relief” bonus – any classes you take during midterms or finals week are 75% off regular price!  That is huge savings!

2) LA Fitness: LA Fitness spin bike classes are the most popular classes offered at the fitness giant.  What we love about LA Fitness is the size of the classes – up to 60 people can sign up for the same class because they have the proper equipment.  Usually there are 2 to 3 instructors that assist the class, so don’t think you won’t get specialized treatment.  As we discussed before, LA Fitness has its own fitness app that awards “most improved” users.  To be considered “most improved” you must participate in at least 4 classes per week in a month period and have a decrease in your body fat percentage.  Students can buy a bundle of 20 classes for the price of 10.

3) Gold’s Gym: Gold’s Gym is an extremely student friendly gym, especially when it comes to their spin classes.  Students receive a discounted membership of $10/month, which includes unlimited spin classes.  Gold’s Gym employs Trek Fitness bikes during their spin classes, which is one of the newer fitness models.  The gym aims to recycle their bikes every 3 years so their classes remain state of the art with the best bikes on the market.

Students – hone in on these amazing fitness deals and get yourself into shape!

Save Money on Fancy Dates

When it comes to our social lives, many of us don’t mind splurging a little bit if it means having a good time or taking out someone we like, especially since spending money on a date is a good way to impress someone. Unfortunately, spending large sums of money on a fancy date isn’t always an option or a responsible financial choice. But there are ways to have a fun and exciting date and save money at the same time, and here’s how.

One of the best ways to save money and go on a nice date at the same time is to do something outside. Pack a couple of sandwiches, some fruit, and a cheap bottle wine, and find a nearby park to have a picnic; it’s intimate and romantic, and won’t cost nearly as much as going out to dinner. You don’t need to be a chef or anything super fancy. We asked our friend Suzy over at Culinary Dreaming what a non- cook could do for a nice picnic date. She said Just pack a picnic basket with some deli meats, cheeses, fruit and a bottle of wine to share and you’ve got a great, romantic picnic! If you need an activity on top of that, take a hike or go out for a walk around the park and enjoy the sighs and sounds of the great outdoors; once again, it’s a romantic situation that you can create without spending any money. If hiking isn’t quite your speed, go to an apple orchard or some type of pick-your-own farm. There may be some walking, but at least there’s an engaging activity in a nice setting that won’t cost you much money.

If you’re stuck in a city and can’t find any good places to hike nearby, then make the city work for your advantage. Find an area where there are a lot of good shops and stores and just walk around. Just because you walk into a store, doesn’t mean you have to buy anything, so as long as you and your date can keep your impulse buying at a minimum, you’ll be fine. Just hang out in each store for a few minutes, browse around, and pretend like you have the money to afford all the things you want. It may be a bit cruel to your date to tease her with all these great items, but it’ll be an enjoyable date nonetheless.

If you are willing to spend a bit of money, consider cooking a meal at home before hand (or packing a picnic) and then heading to someplace fancy for desert. Even at the high class places with trained pastry chefs and a world renowned kitchen, you can still get a dessert for $8-10, which still makes a very cost effective & fancy date.

If you really want to do something special for your date, plan a romantic scavenger hunt. Warning, this may take some thought and planning. But all you have to do is write out some clues that will have her running around from place to place, preferably places that are somehow related to her favorite things or your relationship. Your date will think that you’re smart and clever, and it’ll give you a chance to show her how well you know her. Most importantly, she’ll be grateful for all the time you put into it, and you won’t have to spend much money to make it happen.

Finally, when in doubt, just do dinner and a movie, but do it at home. It’s easy enough to rent a move for a dollar or two, and surely you can prepare a home-cooked meal for two without breaking the bank. If you can afford to splurge for a cheap bottle of wine and a few candles, you’ll have orchestrated a wonderfully romantic date without having to dip into your life savings.

3 Simple Tips To Earn Money In Your Spare Time

Earning money while being a student isn’t very easy in today’s society. Most employers are looking for individuals that can work more hours than most students are able to do and could conflict with your studies. While obtaining an education it is important that you focus your efforts on this so you can receive the best grades possible and build a solid foundation for your future. The only problem here is that money is necessary to have to survive. This article will give you three great ideas on how you can earn money in your spare time without impacting your performance in school. These ideas will focus on keeping your hours low and schedule flexible so you never get stuck in a situation where you should be studying for a big exam but are stuck at work.

The first way to earn money that is commonly overlooked is content writing. There are many websites online where people purchase content so writers are necessary. They really enjoy when native speakers sign up for the website as they can produce high quality articles which can generate a lot of revenue and consistent customers. An example of this would be Text Broker who sells premium level articles at a high price point. If you are able to write fluently and have knowledge about a few topics, or the willingness to do some research prior to writing an article, you can make good money in your spare time. The best part about this is that you can do it from anywhere on your own schedule. The system works where you just accept new orders when you have the time so you can write them quickly and be completely done with your responsibility. The only expectations are that you produce a high quality article that the buyer will be happy with which should be more than easy to do for a student.

Another idea is to turn what could have ended up in a landfill into cash. There are many websites that allow you to sell used and broken electronics for instant payment which is great. Many students who are moving in and out simply throw away these electronics which is not only harmful for the environment, but also wasteful. You can do your part and get paid for it by simply connecting with the appropriate company to earn money for these objects. For example, if you find a used or broken cell phone you can sell it to GreenBuyBack.

My favorite method, although not always feasible, is to create simple informational based websites on something you enjoy and are knowledgeable about. Creating a website today is very easy and no experience is required with systems like WordPress. I know a mechanic that has earned lots of money through advertising on his auto repair information website seen here. All he does is post information about his most common questions from customers in the garage which people are also searching for on the internet.

These are three easy ways that only require as much time and effort as you have available while putting a few extra bucks in your pocket.

Learn How to Air Brush and Make the Most of Your Free Time in College

By learning how to air brush, you can make wise use of your time and earn money too.

It is not easy being a college student. You have to go through a lot in order to survive the challenges. You have to balance academics, extracurricular activities and social life. However, despite the hectic schedule, you might find yourself having free time in your hands. For most tired college students, this time is spent sleeping. You might also grab the chance to rest, but you can also do something else. If you really want to maximize your free time, then learn a new skill. If you want a skill that is not just fun, but can also be a source of income, then try air brushing.

Creating art

There are a lot of things that you can do when you do know how to air brush. You can redesign almost anything from furniture to vehicles and many more. You can also create a wall painting using air brush. As long as you can come up with something unique and it totally stands out, then it is worth it. It might be difficult at first especially if you are learning how to control everything. However, once you have gotten the hang of it, you will find everything easy to deal with.

Starting a business

The best part when you have already mastered air brushing is that you can sell what you have made. It means extra income. As a student who lives on a very tight budget, this is good news. There are a lot of people who are willing to spend money for something that is really worth displaying. Therefore, if you have mastered the skill, you can make use of the end products. Eventually, when you have made a lot and you have also attracted more clients, then you can open up a full bloom business. The best part is that you can do things while you have free time, but still devote most of your time for your studies.

If you want to get started now, you need to invest in an airless paint sprayer and get the best airless paint sprayer. Speaking of the best airless paint sprayer, check out HVLP paint sprayer. This allows you to spray a huge volume of paint, but only a small amount has been removed from the container. It means that you can use the spray over a longer period of time.

Making the most of time

Now that you have picked up a new skill, you don’t have to worry about what you need to do during your free time. You can do something that is worthwhile and eventually earn money. You can even teach other students the skill that you have and let them join you in your business too. By the time you finish college, you are more financially stable and you are ready to face the world. You also don’t have to worry about where to get your money to start your life after graduation. It is better to prepare for the bigger world even if you are still studying than prepare later when it is too late.

5 Money-Saving Tips for College Students

Getting a college education is expensive, that’s a well-known fact. But there are lots of ways to save money while studying without skipping meals or missing paper works and deadlines. Here are some great tips to stretch your money as much as possible while studying.

Eat at Dining Halls

If you’re paying for meal plan, then take advantage of it! It can be really tempting to go straight to the nearby pizza parlor or restaurant, and they may have value meals to offer for students. But you know for a fact you can save a whole lot more when you use your meal plan. Rather than heading straight to the nearby restaurant every day, eat in dining halls and save big in the long run. You can always treat yourself in your favorite pizza shop every other week or so.

Make Your Own Coffee or Tea at Home

Coffee shops are everywhere, and it’s pretty hard to resist that relaxing aroma of good coffee in the morning. However, paying for a mug of overpriced coffee every day is impractical. If you want a good quality coffee, then invest in a coffee maker and buy yourself reasonably-priced instant coffee or even coffee beans and make the coffee yourself every morning. Same goes with the tea.

Save on Phone Bills

Communication is key in almost all facets of life. A phone bridges and connects you to the people you need fast and easy, either to your classmates or professors. The most common mistake most students commit while in college is getting expensive phone plans that they don’t really use fully. SIP trunk pricing offers a good solution to this common problem. They have IP phones, soft phones, conference phones, open platform service where you can bring your own device and use the same IP phone system, and smartphones and tablets. The latter products and services provide great convenience for today’s students and they can tailor-made their service to fit one’s budget and needs.

Get Your Textbooks Online

Almost everything can be found online, and chances are, your textbook has an eBook version. If you often bring your tablet or laptop with you to school, then purchasing and downloading your textbooks as eBooks is a good way to save big. EBooks are essentially cheaper than hard copy books, plus, putting them all in a single device is a pretty convenient way to carry your stuff.

Save on Laundry

Though some apartments and dormitories have wash areas where you can wash your clothes on your own, not all of us have the time, patience and/or energy to do it. This is why we take our dirty clothes to laundry shops. And much like other basic expenses while in school, laundry can add up and can be expensive. However, there are actually a few ways to save money on laundry. You can air dry your clothes to cut cost of using the dryer and run in full loads. This may sound like a ridiculous idea, but waiting to do your laundry until you don’t have any options is a good way to save money. This way, you can save from doing multiple loads. Also, if you have a roommate or a friend, you can throw your clothes to the machine together and split the cost. Finally, don’t use too much detergent! It’s a precious commodity in college.

Taking Woodshop Class: What You Need To Know

Unlike generations before us who would sew their clothes and build fences, we now go out and buy everything ready made or call in the repairman when something is broken. This causes us to become dependent on others, unable to navigate the world on our own. By taking a practical class like woodwork, we learn skills that will help us in our everyday lives.

Why You Should Take Woodshop

Woodshop teaches you much more than how to build a birdhouse or wall shelf. It also helps you to understand the principles of math and science through project-based learning. In order for your project to succeed, you must learn math and physics. When you build something like a table with an octagonal end, you apply fractions, geometry and the Pythagorean theorem.

The class also teaches you the value of persistence, encouraging you to keep trying even if something goes wrong. Unlike with other classes, you are not expected to get the answer right the first time. Any mistakes can be undone and fixed; it’s all about learning to persevere until you succeed. There’s nothing better than gaining satisfaction from knowing you finished the project and made it yourself.

What Do You Learn?

Each school will have different projects they embark on with their students, but typically you can expect to learn similar basic projects and use of tools and machinery. The classes will also vary depending on the grade you are in.

Elementary students: Since this is the first time you will have the chance to learn woodworking, you can expect to learn how to use basic hand tools, such as a hand saw and portable electric sander, and work with a smaller selection of projects.

Projects include things like:

• Birdhouses
• Toolboxes
• Wooden banks
• Corner shelves

Middle School students: Once you progress to middle school level you will be exposed to more hand tools and sanders, such as the oscillating spindle sander and the small belt sander. You will have a wider selection of projects to choose from.
Projects include things like:

• Coat racks
• Wall shelves
• Magazine racks
• Bigger birdhouses

High School students: Once you reach high school level you can expect a much wider selection of projects to work on, which will be larger and more complex. You will be taught how to choose materials and about different types of design. You will learn to work with machines such as the jointer, band saw, saber saw, drill press and portable drill.

There are also options for choosing advanced woodworking when you are in high school, which would run for the full year. This gives you the opportunity to work on several small projects or even one large project. You can make things like benches, small tables and small bookcases.

Buying Tools and Hardware

Before you start a project you will need to buy woodworking tools and hardware. You only need the basic tools to get you started, including things like a hammer, basic cordless drill, saw, measuring tool and screwdriver.

You should never just go for the cheapest option, as you will need a set of quality tools that feel good in your hand. Use comparison guides that will help you to evaluate tools and determine which one would be best to suit your needs.

Starting Your Own Project

If you have a parent that can help you with your own woodwork project, then there are plenty of online resources you can use to help get you started . You should always work under the supervision of an adult until you have gained the necessary skills to work on your own.

Start Your Own Jewelry Business as a Student

In order to save money as a student, you might want to consider starting a jewelry business.

Studying college is very expensive. Unless you are born from a rich family, you have to work really hard to finish 4 or 5 years in college. Thus, it helps a lot that you also find ways to earn more money to support your studies. Though you can get college loans, it will still haunt you later on once you have already graduated. Thus, if you can lessen your financial debts while studying, it would be better. As such, you might have to consider the idea of starting your own business.

There are a lot of college students starting out small business already. However, they go for products that are either difficult to sell or are too cheap to let them earn a significant amount of money. If you want something that will really help you earn more at a lower capital, you might want to start your own jewelry business.

Starting the business

Yes, jewelry is expensive. It can even cost hundreds upon thousands of dollars. As a student, you don’t have a lot of money to invest on authentic jewelry. Thus, it would not hurt if you go for semi-precious stones. This allows you to still attract people who want to buy jewelry, but are on a tight budget. At the same time, you won’t have to spend a lot just to kick this business off.

The advantages of selling semi-precious stones

To begin with, you need a very small amount for capital to buy a few items and sell them to someone. Since the items are not as expensive as authentic jewelry, you can also expect to sell them to ordinary students just like you. It is also possible for you to deal with people in your community and in the university. As long as they can get their money’s worth, then it is good enough for a start. You will just realize that as soon as you have sold high quality jewelry to your clients, you will have more of them ordering from you.

Going online

It also helps that you try to sell these items online. If you are studying web design, then you have the basics on how to setup a site where you can promote this product. The good thing about advertising online is that you expand your clients. At first, you only have your classmates as your target clients. With this, you can now target more people. In fact, you can even start to deliver these items whenever necessary. You won’t regret opening this business since people love jewelry. It is something that they won’t mind spending their money on.

If you want to get started, you might have to check out the best blue gemstones from the list of blue gemstones. This is a perfect option for a start. Once you have chosen the items to sell, then everything can move forward from there. You will be surprised to see your business growing bigger soon with more clients coming to you.

Fun Activities for Students

All student’s are looking for fun activities to do, whether after school or during the summer. However, sometimes they have a hard time figuring that out on their own. Here’s a list of tried and true fun activities guaranteed to amp up your down time.

1. Paintball – This indoor/outdoor sport is fun for all ages. It is a game of war played with paintballs and aerosol guns on a set terrain designated either by the players or the arena, with natural or artificial obstacles. You may choose to be on a team, or work as a single agent. The goal is to eliminate your opponents and be the last team, or last one standing without having been decorated by others colors. Beginner’s can go to to see the equipment they will need.

2. Parkour – This military-type training discipline has rocked its way through today’s youth. As a parkour practitioner, you aim to get from point A to point B in the straightest possible manner by incorporating running, climbing, rolling, jumping, swinging, and vaulting actions, or any other possible physical movement. Some people use every day urban settings, while others use obstacle courses. It’s really up to the runner. Parkour is a great activity to turn into a competition with your friends to see who can out-run, out-climb, out-jump the other in the attempt to be the fastest person from point A to B. Unlike a lot of other sports, all you really need are a good pair of parkour sneakers.

3. Ultimate Frisbee – This is an outdoor team sport that is a cross-breed of football, basketball, soccer, and rugby played with a lightweight flying disc. You use aerobics, strength, and mental acuity to outmaneuver the opposing team. A typical game plays to fifteen points and can last up to two hours. Many games can become high-adrenaline and high-paced. Though the word Frisbee is in the name, don’t get it confused the same game of toss with which you grew up. This game is more like football than playing catch.

4. Field Sports – This is really just a generic term for many outdoor team sports: baseball, softball, flag football, handball, soccer, kickball, and basketball, just to name a few. These team sports are exciting for all ages and can be a great outing for friends and family. All of these sports are fun and relaxing, and also provide a competitive spirit to brighten up your day. All you need is a ball and a friend to bring a little entertainment into your humdrum day.

5. KayakingThis is a type of water activity for individuals. You can kayak with others; however, they will need their own kayak. Kayaking is a great way to get out into nature and find an exhilarating activity that allows for many uses. Not only can one glide across the waters at their own pace and enjoy nature and their surroundings, but you can also go diving, fishing, and exploring with your kayak. Many people love this activity because it works your upper body in the quiet and serene outdoors, rather than going to a loud, crowded gym.